Live Scan for all Kinds of Background Check

No two fingerprints match; not even those of twins. Every set of fingerprints have a story to relate. These stories underlying fingerprints are often required for law enforcement. Matching fingerprints to solve a criminal case and find the offender is common.

Live Scan

Thanks to the introduction of Live Scan near me; capturing, transmitting and matching fingerprints have become fast and efficient. Unlike the conventional method, which suffered from setbacks like low inking, mess, mechanical and human errors; live scan returns better quality fingerprints. In fact, it originated in 1997 to help the DOJ automate the background check process. However, digitization, which was introduced to help law enforcement agencies, is also used for background check by employers, school, non-profit organization, home care agency etc. Live Scan is now popularly used to unveil a person’s past through digital fingerprints.

Live Scan Near Me

One of the major benefits of Live Scan is that the fingerprints captured through the Live Scan are directly transmitted to the DOJ. In fact, even the staff at the Live Scan center does not have access to the fingerprints. They are secretly transferred and kept confidential. The results are transmitted only to the requesting agency. In fact, the same fingerprints are not even shared with any other employer or company. What’s more, live scan captures the applicant’s fingerprints in five to fifteen minutes. The results are usually received within 24 to 48 hours.

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Anshin Mobile Notary & Live Scan is the perfect destination for live scan. They provide fingerprinting services for employment agencies, visa, adoption purposes etc. They are experienced, reliable and understand the value of the client’s time. They provide state-of-the-art fingerprinting, notary, FBI background check and apostille services. What’s more, they possess the required experience and knowledge to provide all these services efficiently.

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Comprehensive Background Check

Today; background check for employment is a reality. In a bid to hire trustworthy and reliable employees, employers resort to background check. In fact, most industries are bound by law to undertake background screening during recruitment. Other employers can also choose to do so. However, all employers are not authorized. Fingerprint, Los Angeles background check can be done only by a statute and all parties are not granted access.

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Fingerprinting and Name Based Screening

Well, although fingerprint based background check is mostly seen as the gold standard of screening, it is not as comprehensive as it seems. As fingerprints are matched with the criminal records possessed by the FBI, it returns information on criminal records only. Details about educational credentials etc are not retrieved. This is why employers often face a dilemma about the kind of screening to be used.

Name based search returns all the details of the applicant based on his or her name. Background check companies use a candidate’s PII (Personal Identifiable Information), which includes date of birth, social security number and driver’s license number. This is used to retrieve information from the specific county, state and federal jurisdictions. The company then conducts an in depth search at the source. Name based searches are capable of returning information from local, federal, county and national databases.

However, as more than one person can have the same name, this data may often succumb to mistakes. Moreover, information can be easily faked.

Conversely, fingerprint based searches cannot be faked, as no two people have the same fingerprints. However, the search results return only arrest records. Outcome of the case is mostly not revealed, thus, providing misleading information.


Considering the above, a mix of both these searches is ideal to retrieve relevant information about the applicant. It is also important to choose a company that has the equipment and expertise to capture fingerprints appropriately and provide exact results.

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Places Where You Will Need Live Scan Services

Livescan, or criminal background check, is one of the leading methods of identifying an individual. In the method, the biometric prints of a person are sent electronically to the government database. There the computer program tallies the data and provides the required information on the subject.

Due to its efficiency and quick results, many companies are taking the help of live scan in Los Angeles. With these electronic scanning programs, one can avoid issues like ink smudging or over inking problems commonly associated with the ink prints. Furthermore, this procedure is a cleaner approach and the subject is not required to spend the next few days cleaning the ink marks from their fingers.


Who will require this service? 

After the legislation passed in the late 90s, the Department of Justice (DOJ) developed a program to analyze the fingerprints electronically. In the following decade, the federal government has mandated several industries and agencies to conduct thorough background checks on their respective and potential members before sharing sensitive information. Currently, the following industries require live scanning services:

  1. Youth Organizations
  2. Licensed Practical Nurse
  3. Foster Parents
  4. School District Employees
  5. Private Security Contractor
  6. Surgeons
  7. Notary public

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How live scanning is done? 

The technician would scan the fingerprints with the help of a scanner. The session would usually take around five to ten minutes. Next, the fingerprints are sent to the existing database for background processing.

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Fingerprints For Job Confirmation

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The federal government relying on fingerprinting technology for identifying government employees, teachers, and people working under the health care sector. There is a chance that you might be required to submit your biometric prints for your next round of interviews. If you are looking for fingerprinting services in Los Angeles, then you can contact the Anshin Mobile Notary & LiveScan. For more information, visit or call 424-253-8149.

Be Aware of Common Notarization Mistakes

Mistakes are second to human nature. However, experience reduces the frequency and chances of making mistakes. Same is with mobile notary services. It is therefore, advisable to hire notary public like Anshi Mobile Notary & Live Scan with years of experience behind them.

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Common Notarization Mistakes

Besides hiring the experts, it is better for clients to be aware of the common mistakes made by notary public, so as to keep a check on them.

  • Clerical errors are unavoidable. However, using white-out to correct them is not acceptable, as it treated as tampering. So, errors if any must ideally be corrected by striking a line and signing against the correction for validation.
  • The notary seal contains the notary public’s name, commission number and expiration date. An illegible seal with blurred name or date is not acceptable by the receiving authority. Therefore, using a stamp well inked is advisable.
  • It is essential that all fields in the documents are duly signed prior to notarization. Incomplete documents are not acceptable. Ensuring that the documents are complete before notarization is a must.
  • The primary motto of notarization is witnessing the signature and verifying the identity of the signees. So, notarization must essentially be done in the presence of the signees.
  • Altering the font size to fit into the legal documents is not acceptable. In fact, some states specify a standard font size as the minimum requirement. Shrinking the font may therefore, lead to rejection of documents.
  • All the fields in the notary certificate including date, name etc must be duly and correctly filled. Even a minor spelling mistake in the name leads to rejection.


Each and every step in the notarization of documents must be carried out diligently. However, certain mistakes may still creep in. When dealt correctly, they may not cause any problems. Experience is a must for this.

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Uses Of Apostille You Must Know About

The authentication process of any document is necessary, especially if you have a close family member abroad in another country. You might have to authenticate some documents to get important work done. This is where a reliable Apostille in Los Angeles will help you get the required work done.

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The very basic issue that you might face is the language barrier while authenticating a native document.

A seal is a confirmation from the respective state or the federal government and possibly has the authority to authenticate all official signatures on a document. Along with the steps of a person assessing the validity of the documents that are taken as proof, and the identity of any seal placed on the respective document. You might also wonder, what are the documents that need to be authenticated? Check out some of the necessary uses of Apostille, some of them are as follows:

  1. Business Uses
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Certificates of Good Standing and Bylaws
  1. Adoption Paperwork
  • Home Studies
  • Reference letters
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  1. Foreign Study
  • Diplomas
  • Transcripts
  1. Inheritance purposes
  • Identity proof
  • Death Certificate
  1. Power of Attorney

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These uses have a scaled requirement for legal purposes. If you are looking for a reliable service to take care of the authentication process for you, then getting in touch with Anshin Mobile Notary & LiveScan is the solution. They have a very organized and accurate process of Apostille in Los Angeles. You won’t be disappointed with their services. Call : 424-253-8149

Apostille Your Foreign Public Documents Easily

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Do you have a public document, written in a foreign language that needs to be sent abroad? Then, you will need the help of an Apostille agent, who can authenticate the document for you. These agents validate the certificates, making them “legalized” in the member countries of the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty, simplifying the document validation and legalization process.

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