5 Benefits Of Fingerprinting Recognition

There is a better chance of authenticating when live scanning or fingerprinting is involved. The best thing about getting a business on track is by setting up the latest technologies for verification and more. If you have any second thoughts about fingerprinting in Los Angeles, then look at some of these benefits. Fingerprinting doesn’t just help in easy authentication but also gives an upper hand to the user for having accurate information about the people they want.

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  1. Excellent security
  2. Non-transferable
  3. Accountability
  4. Cost effecting
  5. Easy to use

These benefits won’t just help in maintaining a long-term record of safety and authentication but also in fast verification. The accuracy is unmatched, and there is no chance that there will be any loopholes or mismatch with the fingerprints at any cost.

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This method of verification has replaced the traditional method of paper and ink, the fast clearance process is followed without any vulnerability of destruction. These benefits have made the fingerprinting quite required in various sectors. If you have been looking for a reliable fingerprinting in Los Angeles, then get in touch with Anshin Mobile Notary & LiveScan. They follow the latest method of fingerprinting and verification, visit the official website http://www.anshinotary.com/  or dial 424-253-8149 to speak to a professional.

Criminal Background Check Is Not Be-All And End-All

Criminal background checks have become an integral part of most hiring decisions. Employers prefer to peep into the past of prospective employees to inhibit the legal liability of negligent hiring, risk of theft, ensure workplace safety etc. Two types of background check are popularly used; one through fingerprints, Los Angeles and though commercial vendors.

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Authorized Live Scan centers capture the fingerprints electronically and transmit the same to the FBI or DOJ for verification with their massive database. Commercial vendors, on the other hand, delve into the personal details of the candidate through a host of sources. The results have an impact on employment. Statistics reveal that 72 percent of companies use background check and 82 percent among these check the criminal background prior to hiring.


However, despite the popularity and promise to alleviate employer risk while hiring, fingerprint based criminal background check suffers from certain pitfalls. Criminal records contain details of all arrests, irrespective whether they have resulted in conviction or not. Moreover, some criminal reports include details of cases which were legally expunged. Furthermore, minor offences are also included in the records. What’s more, they also include offences conducted in the distant past.

Criminal records therefore, do not fundamentally imply criminal misconduct. So, using criminal records for hiring decisions can be a mistake. In fact, they significantly restrict the right people from getting the right jobs. So, besides employees, it is also a matter of concern for employers who are consistently on the lookout for skilled people to fill in the vacancies.

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Well, there’s no doubt that fingerprint based background check is reliable. However, it should be closely aligned with the nature of the job, dates of criminal history and nature of offence. Moreover, the services of reliable companies like Anshin Mobile Notary & Live scan must be hired for fingerprint based background check.

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Are you aware of the fact that numerous industries and government-run schemes require you to submit your fingerprints and other background details for the job? To do the job, most agencies use LiveScan fingerprinting, which scans the prints without a mess. An added advantage, here the scan analysis reports are more accurate than the traditional method. The Anshin Mobile Notary & LiveScan, the fingerprint services Los Angeles service provider, can help you with the job. Visit https://www.anshinotary.com/services/live-scan-fingerprinting/  or call 424-253-8149, to know more.

3 Reasons Why Live Scan Is The Best Option

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A handwritten document can be destroyed easily but authentication done with a live scan can last a lifetime. Here are the top three reasons why Live Scan in Los Angeles is the best option,

  • It doesn’t change with age or any diseases
  • Very small storage space is needed to store the biometric template
  • It can’t be changed or duplicated

These reasons make the live scan one of the best ways of authentication. If you can’t find a reliable option around you, then get in touch with Anshin Mobile Notary & LiveScan. They offer a reliable service for all legal work. Get details on http://www.anshinotary.com/  or dial 424-253-8149 to talk to an expert directly.

The Process Of Fingerprint Based Background Check

Sherlock Holmes and other detective shows have tuned people to believe that criminal cases can be effectively solved with the help of the fingerprints. All they need to nab a criminal is to find their fingerprints from the site of the crime and match the same with the FBI fingerprints or DOJ database. Criminals can be identified and nabbed.

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The Process

Not long ago, fingerprints were captured by pressing the fingers on an ink pad and printing them on a card. These were then sent to an expert to compare it with the existing database of fingerprints. It was not only painstaking, but also time consuming. Results would often take weeks. However, the advent of Live Scan has made the cumbersome process easier. Fingerprints are now captured electronically and transmitted to the FBI or DOJ for comparison. Thanks to the convenience, results are mostly returned within 24 hours.

If the fingerprints match with the database, something called a ‘rap sheet’ is retuned. This includes information about past arrests, record of federal employment, naturalization, military service etc. Well, nothing is returned in case the fingerprints do not match. The review includes searches of Federal, State, County and Police records. Thanks to the detailed review, fingerprint based background check is popularly used by employers for pre employment background check. In fact, background check is mandatory by law for certain industries in some States. This is done to ensure employing reliable and trustworthy employees for jobs requiring responsibility like caregivers, teachers, baby sitters etc.

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What’s more, the process is simple. Fingerprints can be captured at an authorized live scan center like Anshin Mobile Notary & Live scan. Moreover, they also provide mobile facility. They visit the client at their convenient place and time along with the equipment. They also provide mobile notary services.

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Step By Step Instructions For Live Scan Method

Before you go for Live Scan process for your professional reasons, it is better to have a brief overview of what Live Scan is and how it is followed step by step. This is for everyone who is on a hunt for fingerprint Los Angeles, and it can be anyone from a varied list of professionals.

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What is Live Scan?

Live Scan fingerprinting is an inkless method of recording fingerprints electronically. It scans your fingerprints into a machine directly, to individually track each one’s fingerprints as and when recorded.

Why Live Scan?

Live Scan is a preferred method of scanning fingerprints for several reasons. The most convenient reason is its easy-to-use process, and faster results. Moreover, it doesn’t smudge or fade or over-ink like the traditional methods that involve ink and paper. The results recorded and the responses received henceforth are faster and takes a maximum of 72 hours (without criminal records).

Since fingerprints of no two individuals match, the scanned records by Live Scan can be used to track criminal actions and history reports for identity proofs. For the authenticity it offers, Live Scan is adopted by more and more employers and agencies for making background check.

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How to get started?

  1. Research and hunt for list of locations offering Live Scan services and go ahead with prior appointment with their representatives. You will be charged a specific service fee and a DOJ processing fee. Please note that these charges might vary as per locations.
  2. Complete your Live Scan application form available with the agency’s website or office. This form needs to be duly filled in by the applicant (in this case, you) and the agency for which the applicant needs to record his fingerprints.
  3. As per appointment scheduled, reach the Live Scan venue or wait for the technician to come down at your scheduled venue.
  4. Bring the required documents, that might include:
  • Your completed application request for Live Scan services
  • Any ID proof validated by the State Government, including driver’s license or other valid form of identification such as a passport or State DMV ID.
  • The form of payment you selected when you made your appointment.
  1. The technician would scan your fingerprints and submit your data for further processing. This step might require around five to ten minutes.
  2. Wait for a signed copy of receipt at the end of your fingerprinting session. This receipt might be needed for submission to the agency who is seeking proof of fingerprinting.
  3. The fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for background processing.
  4. The technician would collect the appropriate fees.

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Live Scan is the most reliable and convenient method of recording fingerprint in Los Angeles, and you would need the right agency and technician to get the process done. For the matter, Anshin Mobile Notary & LiveScan is a dependable name that can be trusted with the scanning method. They are available on call or text at 424-253-8149 to directly speak to their technicians and professionals. Visit them on http://www.anshinotary.com/ for further details.

Important Documents Required For Livescan

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Before you go for LiveScan fingerprinting, you must carry few documents as proofs of your identity. The documents include birth certificate, ID card, passport, Personal Identity Verification Card, Social Security Card, Marriage certificate, Certificate of  citizenship, and driver’s license along with a photo, physical description, signature, serial number, and proof of date of birth and citizenship. Contact Anshin Mobile Notary & LiveScan on http://www.anshinotary.com to know about the procedure of recording fingerprints Los Angeles in details. You may also contact on info@anshinotary.com or at 1-424-253-8149 for a quote.

Benefits Of Live Scan

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Livescan fingerprinting is an effective method of the background verification process, returning reliable and correct data for potential search queries. The benefits of Live Scan include clean submission of the biometric samples, the data is electronically transferred to the system database – making the entire procedure more secure, and you get the results faster.

With these perks, you cannot ignore Livescan Fingerprinting analysis. If you are required to do mandatory background checks for certain employees, then Beverly Hills-based Anshin Mobile Notary & LiveScan could help be at your assistance. For more information, visit http://www.anshinotary.com/ or call 424-253-8149.

2 Types Of Background Checks Done In The United States

Fingerprinting and background checking has become a crucial step in identifying a person. According to a fingerprint Los Angeles center, in the process, an employer or any other agency uses the biometric records (including the fingerprints) to determine the true identity of the applicant. Verification and identification are crucial for jobs where the said person has to handle sensitive information.

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In these background investigations, an applicant’s criminal records, previous employment history, education, and other details are verified. An individual applying for a new job or renting a new apartment might be requested to submit their fingerprints before confirmation.

“…Verification and identification are crucial for jobs where the said person has to handle sensitive information…”

Here is the list of some common types of background checks that are commonly conducted in the United States:

  1. Criminal Background Checks

This type of background check scrutinizes the applicant’s records to determine, whether the said person has been involved in some criminal activities. During the record search, candidate’s associations with the following crimes are inspected minutely:

  • History of assault and sexual offenses
  • Embezzlement of funds
  • Fraud
  • Felony

Criminal background check for the applicant is done not only during job interviews but also during the purchase of firearms or applying for adoption.

According to an expert, the following candidate’s information through the following databases:

  • Sex offender registries
  • Domestic and global watch lists
  • National criminal databases
  • Federal and state criminal record
  • County criminal courts

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  1. Fingerprint Background Checks

The fingerprinting background scanning under the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) can retrieve information of over 35 million people. The information retrieved through this database is used in combination with other variants of background scanning. Several government agencies have mandated institutions running on government funds to use this method during the screening process. The government institutions that have to run fingerprint scanning include (it is not an exhaustive list):

  • Public schools
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Free clinics
  • Airports

This screening procedure is also used for getting or renewing professional licenses for jobs in medical care, real estate, legal agencies, finances, and pharmacies. Incidentally, individuals can retrieve their background records from the federal database by submitting the fingerprint card and the required fee. The report would include information on their criminal history, naturalization, federal employment status, and data regarding their military tenor.

These are some of the commonly conducted background checks in the United States. Although it is not the exhaustive list, it above write-up contains some of the crucial ones.

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If your employer has asked you to submit your fingerprints after the job interview, then it could mean two things. Firstly, you are among the top contenders for the job, and secondly, you have to submit the employers your fingerprint before the company welcomes you onboard.

Your neighborhood fingerprint Los Angeles center, Anshin Mobile Notary & LiveScan, can help you with the background check. Approach them at http://www.anshinotary.com, or call 424-253-8149 for more information. Run by an experienced mobile notary, the agency delivers great service to its customers. You won’t be disappointed.

Vital Information That Pops Up During FBI Background Check

One of the important parts of the standard hiring protocol is – a background check. According to a fingerprint Los Angeles center, a person looking forward to working in the public office has to go through the mandatory background verification procedure to secure the job.

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The FBI maintains the arrest records retrieved from the state database, along with the list of charges and the date of arrest, for future use. When the background check is requested, the federal database identifies the subject through their fingerprint and other biometric signs and returns the information to the requesting agency.

The following information can be retrieved from the FBI database:

  1. Arrest records

The FBI keeps the record of arrest information of the subject, irrespective of the state where they belong. Along with that, the information regarding charges and date of arrest is also included.

  1. Misdemeanor or felony

The data regarding the type of crime – felony or misdemeanor – is available in these background check reports.

  1. Changes in the credit history

The FBI background check contains data relating to the candidate’s credit history. Any massive change in credit score, an announcement regarding bankruptcy declaration, and other information could also be retrieved.

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It is not possible to retrieve information FBI background information without the subject’s consent. Additionally, the Freedom of Information Act enables the candidate to know what information is available in the FBI database beforehand.

Has your employer requested a background check? Then, you can always approach the fingerprint Los Angeles agency, Anshin Mobile Notary & LiveScan for assistance. For more information, visit www.anshinotary.com or call 424-253-8149.